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A Fit Bit meme that CrazymaryT made me do

June 19th, 2008 (12:41 am)

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The rules are as follows -
1. Pick a hot guy...take a moment to think.
2. Is this really the guy you want?
3. Pick his top 10 hottest, cutest, most irresistible pictures.

Tonight's subject is David McCallum.

Sorry - NOT dial up friendly - big pictures of the DMC loveliness.

Ok here we go: 

Gotta love him as Ducky on NCIS.  I swear he has a portrait that aging instead of him.

Legs, arms and smile - need I say more?

Not quite sure why I like this photo but I do - maybe its the waistcoat.

More often then not, I don't care for the younger versions of my favourate actors but in this case I'll make an exception - Hubba, hubba.

Ducky again.  Always the gentleman - with astonishingly large hands!

Poor David looks knackered here which makes me want to give him a hug and give him a nice warm bed to sleep in.

My favourate Sapphire and Steel picture and you can hardly see him.  I love the strength and character in his face - Steel indeed.

Because sometimes beards rock.

The best photo of David ever - FACT!

And last but not least - A rope, an open collared shirt and David = major fangirl meltdown moment.


Posted by: The Geriatric Fangirl (crazymaryt)
Posted at: June 18th, 2008 11:54 pm (UTC)
WTD 5.2 boyd by agirloffewwords

Yummy! Love that last one and number 4. Delicious blonde lockes.

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